Coder’s mood

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Emma, Le Trèfle

When advertisement is properly done, it surprises us and sticks to our memory. Le Trèfle – paper have a great future.

Me and My Phones

A bit more than a week ago I got a new OnePlus One and last weekend I spent some time installing and configuring it. Changing phone is always a painful experience, even if Google make it easier with Nexus phones. Until now I was using a Nexus 5, and before that a Galaxy Nexus (yes I did skip […]

Talk with your kids about sex

This video can be seen in primetime in most TV channels in the Netherlands. The text in the black boxes in the end of the video says: Kids watch pen in the internet. Talk with them about sex Before they do it. It doesn’t say “watch out and forbid them from using the computer” or […]

Always Nice

Human nature vs Human culture

I was reading a post on startup mentoring and come across the expression “it’s not human nature”. The same idea is often expressed in slightly different term – unnatural, against nature, against human nature, etc – but this is more often a sign that human culture is so impregnated in us that we can’t tell […]

Dell starts to accept bitcoin

Dell announced that they are now accepting Bitcoins in their website, making them one of the biggest companies in the world to accept the digital currency. Their announcement is completed with a list of advices to all the bitcoin users about keeping their e-wallet secure, and a toturial on how to use the currency on […]

Men think less about sex than advertised…

According to a couple of studies, men don’t actually think about sex once every seven seconds. That was a relieve, I was starting to think that something was wrong with me, as I sometimes manage to go for sometime without thinking about it. But then the first study says that men think 19 times per day […]

But what does the fox say?

Today I bring you this sign from a farm in Pensacola, Florida, USA – according to the Passive Aggressive Notes blog. Go there, Passive Aggressive Notes is a fun blog to watch, and they even have the city version of the bad neighbor this farmer is afraid of.

If Super Mario World had been released on an App Store

Games used to be fun. At some point in time games even had an option to save the current progress so that you could later come back and restart the game where you left it. But today games do cater to our entertainment anymore. Games today are in the business of exploiting our frustration. We […]

Apple Swift

Apple launched a new programming language called swift. After s quick look at the docs, the language seems to deserve a second deeper look. There are several things on it that look interesting. But for now, there is one example from the documentation I need to share with you: var occupations = [ "Malcolm": "Captain", […]

DSL router patch hides backdoor instead of closing it

Last Christmas Eloi Vanderbeken of Synacktiv Digital Security gave the owner of 24 models of DSL modems that their equipment have a backdoor that allowed to send administrative commands to the routers without a password. The list of affected modems include home models from Netgear, Cisco (branded Cisco and Linksys alike) and Diamond. In January, the vendors released […]

Phantom Internet – Abstruse Goose

Source: Abstruse Goose

Living with lag – an oculus rift experiment

A group of volunteers tried to do a couple of day-to-day tasks with a 3 seconds delay. See how that did go… They use a oculus rift to create a delay between what is in front of them and what they see by three seconds, making real live way more interesting. The device they used uses […]

A Cathedral of Light in a Gas Tank

The Gasometer Oberhausen was built to be a gas tank. It’s more than 100 meters high, and was now transformed into a gigantic light instalation, where you lose the notion of form and dimension. URBANSCREEN is a team of eight artists, based in Bremen, Germany, that work together to transform urban spaces into amazing artistic spaces.

PHD comic: ‘An Honest Methods Section’

Source: PhD Comics

News on Patents

Microsoft signs Motorola to Android patent pact – no, not Motorola Mobility, Motorola Solutions, the part that Google didn’t buy, has signed an agreement with Microsoft to license the “approximately 200 patent families that are necessary to build an Android phone” Microsoft owns. That leaves only Motorola Mobility – now part of Lenovo – as the only […]

Kepler-186f needs a better name

Kepler space telescope found a planet that is similar in size to earth and is inside the Goldilocks zone – the zone around a star where a planet may have water in it’s liquid state at the surface – of the M class Red Dwarf start he orbits. NASA says that the planet may not be […]

Not too new – but worth reading

Bonobos use Sex to de-stress – they are known as a “sexy” ape, and their reputation is well deserved. Sex happens often and without discrimination for partners or positions. They seem to like it as much as we, humans, do but pretend a lot less – if at all. 28% of the morning-after pills in Peru are […]

Supreme Court makes it easier to make the trolls pay

The US Supreme court thinks that if your claims in a patent case are bad enough, you should pay all the costs of both parties. This is a good decision from the Supreme court, that sends two cases back to the lower courts to new decisions. Courts are usually not big fans of shifting the cost […]

Side effects

Source: Wizard of Id

Um Leão por dia

  - They keep saying that we should kill a lion every day. - Then I stop to fill up my tax return… - … and I understand that is the lion that kills me every day. Source: Os Levados da Breca

Tell Your Whole Story in an Interview

Lara Galinsky writes in Havard Business Review blogs that she starts every interview she makes with the same question: Tell me about your path leading up to today. Why is this role the right fit for you now? And she doesn’t expect that you just go back in time to the beginning of your career, but […]

Netflix signs traffic deal with Verizon

Now that Net Neutrality is dead in the United States, the agreements for preferential traffic will start to be signed. Netflix had signed a deal with Comcast last February to have a direct link with the ISP, with Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO saying at the time that preferential treatment violates their definition of net neutrality. Now, […]

NASA Tech Transfer Software Catalog

NASA released their catalog of software that they are willing to share with some people, and they did it in a very original way – a 127 pages long .pdf file, with the name, reference and a small description of each of those programs and libraries. Unfortunately most of the software is only available for […]

Tactus – Buttons when you need them

Tactus wants to bring the physical keyboards back, but this turn, only when you need them. Tactus solution is completely transparent and controlled by the applications. Any kind of buttons, when you need them, and a smooth surface when you don’t need them. The camera in the left is one of their examples, where the […]

OnePlus – the CyanogenMod phone

OnePlus is the new kid in the block. It’s based on the open source version of Android, CyanogenMod, and beats every others phones on the specs. Better camera, top screen (full HD), quadcore at 2.5GHz, 3GB of RAM, up to 64GB of storage, all the communication protocols, including LTE (top speed internet access), Wifi and […]

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A Time and Place for free

What the Duck – A Time and Place for Free.

Vulnerabillity in World Airline Network

This week Trivik Verma from ETH Zurich and a few colleges published a study of the vulnerability of the world airlines network, and the conclusion they got is unexpected: the core of the network is really robust, but the periphery of the network is formed by a network of airports connected to single hubs. Closing one of […]
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