the Unsuspecting Mage

the Unsuspecting MageThe Unsuspecting Mage is the first of seven volumes that constitute the Morcyth Sage written by Brian S. Pratt. The book follows the adventures of a guy who likes Role Playing games, just finished high school and on what he expects to be a job interview is sent to a different reality where he become a mage.

Late in the morning, he comes upon a small clearing. He pauses at the edge upon spying several rabbits. His stomach has been grumbling for the past hour, those berries hadn’t done much to satiate his hunger. As he gazes upon the rabbits, a memory of when his father had once caught and cooked a rabbit during one of their camping trips makes it even worse.

Knowing that his skill rating with a spear was probably somewhere near zero, he comes up with a spell to help his aim. Holding his spear and preparing to throw, he quietly says:

Spear of mine please strike true,

Strike the rabbit and go right through.

As the last syllable is spoken, he takes aim at the nearest rabbit, draws back his arm and throws. When the spear leaves his hand, he again feels the surge of power. The spear flies unerringly through the air to impale the rabbit. True to the words of the spell, the tip of the spear passes completely through the rabbit and embeds itself deep within the ground.

In the first chapters of this first book of the Series, James – that’s the name of the unsuspecting mage – only manages to do very basic magics, but he would be much of a mage if his abilities didn’t progress further than being able to better target a rabbit – and yes, being able to catch food for dinner is a very important ability, very useful – but being a true mage takes a bit more than that – at least in this world where everyone seems to have forgotten Morcyth – the god of learnings – and almost every mage in the world seems to be at the service of the impire – but that is already revealing too much.

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