3D Printing in real live

Lisa Harouni is one of the many entrepreneur trying to take 3D printing to everyone’s houses. The main idea behind Lisa’s company  Digital Forming is to create online databases with designs that can then be customized using tools specifically designed to be usable by domestic users.

This is not a new technology, 3D Printing is around for 25 years, but it’s usually used only by designers in big companies to create prototypes of the components of they machines, specially because you need to be able to design the object with high precision using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, that most users don’t even know exists.

But what Lisa and a lot of others want it to make it possible to anyone to be able to create a spare part for their broken machine that is not supported anymore, but creating an online database of object designs that anyone can consult and download to print – or if you don’t have a printer yourself, you can get to the closest printing shop and have it printed there.

This may become part of a new industrial revolution, a revolution that reverts everything that happened in the first one, but making it possible for everyone to have customized products, and by moving production to where the consumers are again.

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Source: BinZine