Kepler-186f needs a better name


Kepler space telescope found a planet that is similar in size to earth and is inside the Goldilocks zone – the zone around a star where a planet may have water in it’s liquid state at the surface – of the M class Red Dwarf start he orbits.

NASA says that the planet may not be habitable, as the temperature in the planet depends a lot on the type of atmosphere of the planet, and there is no way, for now, to find out what type of atmosphere the planet have.

Kepler 186 – the working codename of the star – is about 500 light years from our sun. The planet itself is about 10% bigger than earth, meaning that it will most likely have a slightly stronger gravity, and it’s closer to it’s star than earth is to the Sun, but as the star is a Red Dwarf, smaller than the Sun, the planet only gets about one third of the light Earth gets from the sun – like living in the Netherlands or Canada in the winter.

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Source: BinZine