News on Patents

  • Microsoft signs Motorola to Android patent pact – no, not Motorola Mobility, Motorola Solutions, the part that Google didn’t buy, has signed an agreement with Microsoft to license the “approximately 200 patent families that are necessary to build an Android phone” Microsoft owns. That leaves only Motorola Mobility – now part of Lenovo – as the only big Android vendor out of the patent pack.
  • WiLAN files appeal in Apple WiFi case – WiLAN and Apple are in court on some spread spectrum patent claims. WiLAN claims that Apple WiFi implementations violate their patents and Apple claims that there is prior art – previous implementations of the technology – which makes the patents invalid.
  • Apple and Motorola Mobility are back in court – with three patents in each side, Apple and Motorola Mobility are back in court. Motorola Mobility was still part of Motorola when all of this started, was sold to Google and later to Lenovo, and this lawsuit keeps wasting money in court.
  • Microsoft sued Acacia for Suing Microsoft – Microsoft paid Acacia for their licenses back in 2010, but it seems that Acacia forgot about that and decided to sue Microsoft to have them pay again, and Microsoft decided to sue back to protect itself.
  • Novell’s WordPress case agains Microsoft is finally dead – this monday the US Supreme Court decided that they will not hear Novell’s case, killing this way a decade long process and the hopes from Novell to make some money.

Source: BinZine