Steve Jobs is Dead

Today it does not matter if you are an Apple fan boy or not.  Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple died last night. And all of us that live today lost. Steve was a visionary like very few today.

He was more often than not a Man ahead of his time, and when he was not that man ahead of his time, he was pushing all of us in this exciting time of the Digital Revolution further into the future.

He studied what he felt like, dropped school, created at least two companies – Apple and NeXT, bought Lucasfilm’s computer graphics division, later renamed to Pixar, that later created Toy Story, the first blockbuster fully animated with computers.

He is also known for the large number of design patents on which he is one of the inventors, including most designs of Mac computers, iPods, iPhones and others.

In 2005 Steve gave to this Speech on Stanford. If you still don’t know it, see it, it’s more than worth the 15 minutes of your time.

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With his style, his vision and his genius, Steve changed the world, made it a bit better than he found it. It’s now our time to keep pushing the world forward.

Source: BinZine