No more socks mismatch

From the department of moron school officials, we got the news that in the City of Ely Community College in Cambridgeshire students are being put to the wall for almost anything, including wearing odd socks, eating between lessons, running, wearing excessive makeup or using “visible” earphones or cellphones.

Just in the first day that the new rules were being applied, 236 of the college’s 1,295 students were sent to the hall, where they just sit for up to five hours reading a booklet explaining “good behaviour”.

“If students choose not to conform, they will be removed from the situation immediately and will spend the rest of the day working in silence, supervised by senior staff.”

Nonetheless, some shocked parents are attacking the new rules and accusing Ms. Jenkinson-Dix of turning the school into a “prison.”

”I’m absolutely appalled. They are wrecking pupils’ education and turning it into a prison,” Amanda King, 34, who pulled her 12-year-old son Ben and daughter Shannon, 14, out of classes, told the Cambridge News.

“Staff are nit-picking for everything -for behaviour, for what they wear. Apparently they are not allowed to wear any accessories or even coats in school now.”

Another mother, who asked not to be named, said, “Yes, children should be taught to respect their teachers but to punish them for wearing bright hair bobbles or having their mobile phones is petty. I’m not happy about the new rules at all.”



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