Encounter in a bar

He is sited by the window, facing the door. When the waitress asked him what he wanted to drink he asked for a beer from which he took a sip and left it on the table warming.

He is way more interested on something else. Something that he expects to be outside soon. It’s not the ducks swimming in the canal. Not even the snow on the bridge.

He took off the jacket and hung it on the back of the chair and kept looking outside. It’s like time had no meaning for him. He don’t touch the beer, don’t look away from the street outside. It’s just peacefully waiting.

Suddenly something changes. It’s his expression, all his face lightened up. A girl slowly cross the bridge heading to the bar. His eyes follow her until she reaches the door, and then he raises and waive his hand calling her.

She get to the table, he greats her with a kiss in the face, and she sits in front of him. He ask her what she wants and go to the balcony get her a soda.

Source: Plume