Just another night – for a glass

I’m now in the first row, very soon I’ll be my turn. A few more left ahead of me, and it’ll be soon my turn. Wait a bit.. just a bit more… Wait… One more! Now. Wait… that way? why that way? What will I get? Who will get me?

Dark, sweet, bubbly… Ohh… It’s cola. You’re filling me too much, when you add the ice I’ll overflow. Adding yet more? Filled to the border? What, no ice? No ice. Good, at least someone with a bit of common sense! I hate the ice, it get me so freeze. I don’t even understang how would anyone keep me in his hand when I’m that cold!

Soo… who want the cola without ice? The beautiful blond? Damn, she was so cute! It’s not the playboy… he’s drinking beer, and it’s not the old lady, she seems to be having wine.

It had to be the shy guy in the corner! He smiled to the waitress… maybe he is not that shy. He took me, sipped just a bit…. what’s that he’s playing with? Is that only of those new computers? It must be. He seems to be reading something on it.

Hey! What are you reading? Hooo… another sip… and slowly down, back on the table! – So, where was I? Ohh, reading, what are you reading? It’s something about mobile phones! But, you already have a mobile phone, don’t you? That smaller thing next to me is a mobile phone, isn’t it? So, why are you reading that? Let’s see, why is that so interesting… It’s about a smartphone (smart my ass… I’m smart, I’m a glass and I even can read), that seems to have hundreds of applications. Isn’t that usual this days with mobile phones? Even the blond’ mobile phone have hundreds of emails! One of this days she spent so much time trying to dial someone that the alcohol in the vodka she was taking escaped… You can read email, access…

Access what? Can you scroll down a bit, please? Hey, why is this taking you so long? Wait, you’re not reading! And you are also not drinking! You really fooled me, it almost looks like you are reading on this thing. What are you looking at? The hot blond?

No, not the hot blond! So… who is it? Is it a boy? Is it a girl? You’re looking… that way! Damn! Can you move the napkins a bit? It’s not that much, just a very small bit to the left! Please!

Wooo… yes, yes, raising me would work as well, but you need to slow down, that way I can’t really see anything! Didn’t you ever gone to the roller coaster? And you thing you can see anything… Ohh wait, you’re going to take another sip? That’s a really big sip… that’s not a sip, that’s really a glup! Why are you so eager to dry me down?

Ok, back on the table… So, what were we doing? Ohh… the view! What were you looking at? Let’s see… it was behind the napkins… Yes, I can see it now! But… it’s a empty table! Ohh well…

What about the reading? Did you scroll the page already? Wait, where is the tablety thing? What? Are you leaving so soon? Wait, I still have some cola!!…

I see… this will be a quiet night in the corner table where almost no soul sits, with a bit of cola sitting in my lap, slowly losing the last bubbles of gas that lasted this long! You could at least had put me in the counter where I would be collected, washed and given to someone else! I would at least ear a bit of an interesting conversation! But no!!! Alone in the corner table, that’s where I had to be left!

Source: Plume