Robert Heinlein

Robert Heinlein is one of the authors I had the fortune of getting to know since an early age.

I grow up in a very small village – the first library I had access to was the shelf full of books from my primary school – maybe about an hundred books for an very young audience (it was a primary school after all).

When I moved to the secondary school, in my fifth grade, that’s when the fun started. The town where the Secondary school was located what for me at the time was an amazing library, with a few thousand books, and that is where my education really started.

One of the many authors in that library catalog was Robert Heinlein, including books like Rocket Ship GalileoTunnel in the SkyI Will Fear No Evil and several others. I know that the favorite book of all the fans of the author is Stranger in a  Strange  Land, but, probably because I did read it first, my favorite book from Heinlein (and one of my favorites over all) is until this day Friday.

Some of the better known books from Heinlein, I only had access to them years later – I only read Straship Troopers in the last few years and maybe because of that I didn’t feel that the book was that amazing, unlike another book I also only got access to recently – Time enough for love – and which not being exactly a thriller, got me to the end with very few and small interruptions.

Say that Heinlein is an inspiration for me is, obviously, an understatement. He is, to this day, one of my favorite authors. Books like Friday and Time Enough for Love, not having a big impact in my live, have certainly a big impact on my personality and my dreams.

Hope to someday write a book that have half the significance that so many of Heinlein books have in our society and our fiction.

Source: Ocram Seven